Friday, April 11, 2014

First Blog Post Due this Sunday and ELP Contracts are now past Due

The bugs are coming!!!
Today we started on our first project. We started to design a beetlebot.

Students will design a shell for their beetlebot from wire, cardboard, or from other materials from home.

We started the project by looking for unique bugs, or by dreaming up a unique bug. Students then made sketches of what the bug looked like from the top, side, and front.

We then started to make models of the bug body that will cover the electronics.

Here is a prototype that I made of the beetlebot without the shell!
A body is coming soon!

ELP Contracts were due today...  If you did not turn this in please do so on Tuesday.
I will be grading blog posts on Monday. Please be sure to post this weekend. If you need time to upload images on Monday please contact me this weekend or during school.