Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Let's Get Scripting!

Homework is to finish by Wednesday these backdrops using your artist and Pixlr:
Level One Intro
Maze One
Art History

In 7th grade today we added some functionality to our game:
To find more information simply goto our classroom instructions: http://bit.ly/scratch_maze

  • When touching the maze boundary the sprite went back to the start of the maze
  • When touching a the art history sprite we were able to switch the backdrop to art history.
  • Finally in some classes we focused on setting up a variable to keep track if the player of the game viewed the art history or not. We wish to force the player to learn some art history about the artist you have chosen for the theme of your game. 

Scripts for the Stage:

Alternatively, we could have made this with one big script:

Just as their are many ways to get to school, there is more than one way to write a script!  

This script performs the same actions as the above two scripts. Try it out!

These scripts help us transition through the backdrops on the stage and then signal the start of the game. 

Scripts for the sprites:

In class we reviewed the difference between an animated sprite and a static sprite. The animated sprite is what will move in our game. The static sprites will not.

For the animated sprite we reviewed the basic motion scripts with the arrow keys, and its initial starting position on the stage.

We then created or imported two more sprites, which were both static sprites. Examples of scripts can be found on the classroom document. http://bit.ly/scratch_maze