Monday, November 25, 2013

8th Grade Escape the Room UPDATE

In 8th grade students were introduced to managing data in Scratch with variables.

Image source:

This example shows the initial set up of setting a variable to zero at the start and then incriminating the variable when the sprite is clicked.

The values are changed which enables us to use them in various ways.

Such as when determining if the inventory key should be shown or hidden.

We can also use the variables to create text scripts to show the number of items still needed in order to escape the room.

Here is the current beta version of the game I have been working on with the class.
There are still some bugs left to iron out, but for the most part the game works.

I have tried to make comments on the scripts when possible to help make some sense of what is going on.
The project page can be found here: Escape the Art Room Step 4