Thursday, November 7, 2013

7th Grade Maze and Labyrinth Homework

Today in class we were crazy busy... more about that in a minute.

For homework:
  1. Define maze
  2. Define labyrinth
  3. Historical facts
    • Explain one historical fact about mazes
    • Explain one historical fact about labyrinths
  4. Sketches
    • Create 2 different sketches of a maze
    • Create 2 different sketches of a labyrinths
    • These will be used for a rough draft of your second level of your game on Scratch.
  5. Please put your name and period at the top of your paper or share with me your homework using Google Drive
Now back to the crazy day!

We were busy the entire class period. Here is a brief summary:
  • Created a Programmer's Art Blog
  • Student's emailed me their blog web address
  • Created a Scratch Account
  • Created a shell of our game in Scratch
  • Uploaded the shell of the game to Scratch
  • We then shared our game to the world
  • Next we copied the embed code from Scratch of our game
  • We then created our first post in our new blog.
  • Students then modified their blog or continued working on their Scratch program
  • Wow!!!