Friday, September 13, 2013

Scratch 2 Offline Editor (Beta Version)

News Flash!!!
Apparently the Scratch development team (The Lifelong Kindergarten Group) has now released a 2.0 Beta desktop version!

WARNING: The Beta version may still have bugs so users beware.

We will be switching to this new desktop version at school next quarter.


Scratch 2 Offline Editor (Beta Version)

The Scratch Team is pleased to announce that the beta version of the Scratch 2 Offline Editor is now available. This version will work on Mac, Windows, and some versions of Linux (32 bit).

Installation Instructions

Click INSTALL NOW (below) and follow the directions. It will install the Adobe AIR runtime system if you need it, then install the Scratch 2 application.
When installing, click "Yes" or "Allow" when the browser asks for permission. (In Chrome, look for the question at the top of the browser window.) Click "Open" when asked if you want to save or open the .air file.
The file is large (23MB), so please be patient while it downloads, especially on slow connections.
* If you get an error message when installing, delete any previous Scratch 2 Offline Editor app and try again. Or, see Optional Download, below.
On a Mac, after installation, the program will be located in your Applications folder.
Optional Download
If you prefer to download the installers to your local drive:
(1) If you don't have it, download and install the latest Adobe AIR 3.x. For Linux, use AIR 2.6.0 for Linux (15MB).
    Note: For older Mac OSx 10.5 or below, use: Adobe AIR 2.6.0 Mac (18MB).
(2) And then download and install the Scratch installer.

Known issues to be fixed later:

  • Graphic effects blocks (in "Looks") may slow down projects due to a known Flash bug. A fix will be available in a future update.
  • The backpack is not yet available.


The Offline Editor can update itself (with user permission). It will check for updates at startup or you can use the "Check for updates" command in the file menu.
Update v370 - September 10, 2013: Fixes a problem with project saving that sometimes prevented the saved project from being opened. Also now opens and repairs projects that were saved incorrectly by earlier versions of the Offline Editor.
Update v366 - August 29, 2013: Can upload and share to website; Compiled with Adobe Air 2.6 so it can work on some versions of Linux and older Mac OSX; Shorter app name; Music MP3 upload fixed; Top-right text fixed; Tips closes in presentation mode.

Starter Projects and Support Materials

The Scratch 2 Starter Projects are available for download in this Starter Projects file (zip).
You can also download the Getting Started Guide (PDF) and Scratch Cards (PDF).


Please report feedback and bugs on the Scratch discussion forums.