Thursday, September 19, 2013

Painting 2nd Level Background

Painting Level Two

In 7th grade today we made some excellent progress on painting our level 2 backgrounds for our Scratch mazes. Today there was an example of a peer review.

In each class we discussed in a positive way that a student could improve upon their design. In period 7/8 we had a short painting demo on how to use the brushes and the paints.

The Big Picture

Some students were wondering about the big picture so here is a general road map to where we are headed over the next couple of weeks.
  1. Introduce Scratch
  2. Introduce Level One of Maze Game
  3. Computer Lab - Programming Level One
  4. Start painting Level Two background of maze game
  5. Finish painting - start scanning
  6. Computer Lab import background into Scratch and programming 
  7. Computer Lab finish programming - bug testing
  8. Present Programs in class
  9. Introduce Elements of Design
  10. Introduce Principles of Design
  11. In class critique of Level 2 paintings using the elements and principles of design 
On Wednesday I anticipate many of you to be ready to scan their level 2 paintings and be able to start programming level 2 in class. 

Friday will be a lab day so all students should be ready to either be done with their projects on Friday or the following Tuesday.