Tuesday, May 21, 2013

7th Grade - Automata presentation and Mosaic Project

The automata is to be graded this Thursday. The criteria we discussed in class will be used to assess your automata:
  1. One or more motions should be represented 
    • Up and Down
    • Side-to-side
    • Circular rotation
  2. The top of your automata will be in 3-D
  3. The whole design "box" or "frame" should be ornamented in the spirit of your artist
  4. The automata will function, which a handle will be used to turn the apparatus
  5. Craftspersonship - The design and construction will be neat and show attention to detail
After each student presents their automata we will move to our final project which is to be a mosaic that will be designed in the spirit of a new artist that you will select.