Thursday, April 18, 2013

Prezi Project

Today we started a project on the Elements and Principles of design. We will use to create a dynamic presentation. Students are to use the 14 terms that we have been discussing and using in class.

Students were assigned artists that were presented in our Scholastic Art magazines that we have in class. Students briefly read and presented to an introduction to the artist. We then went to the lab and using the artist that was assigned the student was to use Prezi and artwork by the artist and describe that art using the 14 terms i.e. the Elements and Principles of design.

Some guidelines were given:

  • All fourteen (14) terms are present
  • The student should use only one or two terms per frame
  • The Prezi must be able to be read clearly by the audience
  • The Prezi path must flow to each term(s) and be complete
  • The presentation must be free of errors 
    • Extraneous frames are not present
    • All spelling and punctuation has been corrected 
    • Sentences are complete and correct i.e. capitalization and punctuation