Friday, February 15, 2013

QR Progress

The 8th grade has been coming up with some creative solutions to the current QR code assignment. As stated during the start of this assignment your grade will be weighed upon:

  • The overall design .i.e. your consideration of covering the picture plane
  • The use of color, and brushwork
  • The overall aesthetic of the work
Finally you will be graded on whether your QR code works. This aspect of the grading holds the most weight as it reveals for some of your your ASCII art that you created at the beginning of this assignment.

Things to watch out for will be creating the geometric accuracy needed to successfully scan your QR code. Some students have tried to rush this part and have tried to just throw their painting together. As a result their QR code failed to scan.

On March 1st we will be conducting our critique of each other's work. We will have iPad's available so that we can scan our paintings.