Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome back everyone! Today in 7th grade art we worked on completing our color wheels. In the build up leading to the winter break it seems that we missed out on a few grading rubrics. To get everyone up to speed I am placing the latest assignments and due dates here and in the 7th grade tab.
Assignment Due Date Handouts
Color Wheel Due Friday January 4, 2013 Assignment and Rubric
Artist Research Paper Due Tuesday January 8, 2013 Assignment and Rubric
Artist Imitation Painting Due Thursday January 10, 2013 Assignment and Rubric
Please note the Due Dates! They are coming up quick. If you need to come in before school, at lunch, or after school please make an appointment so we can sign your planner to come in during any of those times. I will also be available during the weekend to help with your papers on Google Drive. I will be able to leave comments to help ensure your success with this paper. Please read the Assignment and Rubric so that you can achieve the grade that you wish.