Friday, January 11, 2013

What ELP's are DUE!!!!

Pretty easy today! I showed two different videos on Thursday to the 7th grade and to the 8th grade today in the interest of starting an art club. The art club will explore many different mediums and naturally one of these will be technology!

  1. 6th Sense

  2. Water Light Graffiti

  3. Water Light Graffiti by Antonin Fourneau
I am also starting to organize a TEDx talk for next year. If you are interested in knowing more about this please let me know. I will be looking for help organizing and looking for students to discuss their innovations!

Many students created some interesting post cards, and will probably be finishing that up on Monday.

Last but not least 8th grade students, your  ELP's are due next week: Tuesday January 15, 2013. Late work will not be accepted as specified in class. Please review the Artist Statement and other criteria in your scoring rubric, or if by chance that is missing please consult the ELP page on this site!

As you know you will be graded on four different elements:
  1. Project 
  2. Sketchbook
  3. Presentation 
  4. Artist Statement