Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Imitating an Artist - Writing and Painting

The 7th grade has been busy creating their color wheels.

Several have been completed and have been posted around the building!

Here are some examples:

The next project will be a two part assignment. The first assignment is to explore an artist that the student finds interesting among the vast collection of Scholastic Art Magazines that are available in class. The second part of the project will be to imitate, not copythe style of the artist that you chose to write about.

Part I - The Paper

Students are asked to focus on an artist and not a topic or particular subject such as Graffiti Art. However, if a student found a graffiti artist that interested them then this would be acceptable.

The paper will be formatted using MLA or Modern Language Association. This type of writing convention is used in the humanities and liberal arts disciplines (Russel n.p.). This convention will also be used as students advance into high school and college.

The paper itself will be a research paper that uses the Scholastic Art Magazine or another resource to discover an artist. It will be a fairly short paper using greater than or equal to 300 words. The research paper will contain:
  • Topic Sentence
    • This will introduce three facts about the artist the student chooses to write about
      • This is a short introduction used to tell the reader the main idea or themes that the paper will cover. 
  • Body
    • The body is used to discuss the three themes that were introduced in the topic sentence. At minimum this will be three paragraphs. 
  • Conclusion
    • The conclusion is used to finalize or wrap up your paper. At minimum you will provide a brief summary of the paper's main points. Finally the conclusion will explain how you might paint in the style of the artist you chose. 
      • This explanation might include:
        • A short discussion on the elements and principles of design.
        • The type of brushwork or how the application of pigment will be performed.
        • The type of palette or color that you will use in your painting. 
  • Works Cited 
    • This is similar to what most of you have expressed in class as the Bibliography. However, you must follow the MLA formatting for your Works Cited page. 
    • To create your works cited you can use this online tool:
      • Purdue OWL has many great resources on its website about MLA and other resources such as examples and more in-depth information on topic sentences, creating the body of your paper, and writing a good conclusion. 
      • Son of Citation is a great resource to create your MLA formatted Works Cited page
  • Scoring Rubric
    • A scoring rubric will be handed out in class and will be available to download within the 7th Grade tab.

Works Cited

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Part II - The Painting

Students will create an original work of art that is in the artistic style of the painter that was researched. The painting will attempt to capture the essence of the artist.