Thursday, November 8, 2012


"A" Day update! 7th grade art classes reviewed the Elements of Design as well as the Principles of Design. In each of the sections we did not entirely complete the principles and will pick up on that on Monday. Until the then there is a link to a slide presentation in the Assignments section that also has an activity at the end of it! I hope you enjoy it!

  • Balance - SARA
    • Symmetrical - Horizontal and Vertical (Equal distribution of visual weight)
    • Asymmetrical - There is more visual weight on one side of the picture plane than another
    • Radial - Like a rock thrown in the water. The weight ripples or radiates out from the center.
    • Approximate - The visual weight is approximately the same on one side of the picture plane as another
  • Unity - "Gestalt" - the individual parts of the painting that give the viewer the feeling or sense of a coherent whole.
  • Movement - How the eye travels around the picture plane.
  • Pattern - A repeated element in the work of art
  • Variety - A variety of elements within the art work, or  the use of different objects that are added to the work of art.
  • Emphasis - The importance given to one part or element in a work of art. Emphasis can be achieved by using shape, color, or other elements that cause the viewer to focus their attention in one or more areas of the art work. 
  • Rhythm - 
  • Rhythm—The use of recurring elements that create a sense of harmony or flow in the artwork.