Tuesday, October 1, 2019

8th Grade Update

ELP Projects

Students are actively working on their ELP projects, and have now completed two blog posts. The students completed an art history post on their chosen master artist. They had to answer six questions that are centered on historical facts about their artist.

  1. What is your artist's most famous work? 
  2. What medium did your artist work in?
  3. Where did your artist work? (studio, outside, be specific about the location)
  4. When was their most productive period?
  5. What is the strangest or most bizarre fact about your artist?
  6. Which painting by your artist inspired your work?
  7. You must provide two paintings by your artist. Preferably their most famous, and another one of their works. 

Students also created their first project post. They had to write about their projects using the four different prompts that we discussed in class. The grading criteria, and what criteria is needed to be written about can be found in your first blog post titled, "Blog Grading Criteria". We each created this when we set up our ELP blogs.

Friday, September 13, 2019

7th Grade - Alebrijes Armatures

Today we had some follow up discussion on how to read a resistor chart and to calculate the correct ohm value of any four color band resistor. On Tuesday of next week we will work with how to calculate the correct type of resistor to use based on Ohm's Law.

Students will also learn the difference between a series and a parallel circuit. Finally we will be doing a conversion from a Milliampere (mA) to an Ampere (A) so that we can use this conversion in our Ohm's Law formula.

Students will also be working on their armatures, and using papier-mâché this week!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

8th Grade

Today students learned about the six different types of value. In 7th Grade they learned about one type called highlight, or the brightest spot on a form or object. Today they were introduced to:

  1. Highlight
  2. Midtones
  3. Transitional Light
  4. Core Shadow
  5. Reflected Light
  6. Cast Shadow
Students did a warm up drawing, and created a value scale using charcoal for their medium. Students were to demonstrate all six types of value. 

We then went outside and picked three pieces fruit from the Wildcat Garden so that each student can create their own still life. Students picked a pear, an apple, and a plum. Students will make a large scale drawing of these in charcoal, and will have to demonstrate, and then talk about the six types of value in their work. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

7th Grade - Alebrijes Project

In 7th Grade we have successfully have gone through the elements of design and color theory. We will now apply this to a three dimensional Mexican Folk Art project. Alebrijes are animals that came to the Pedro Linares to help him during the time of a severe illness. The animals helped him when he had developed an extremely high fever. He was rendered unconscious, and the animals helped him to heal.

If you have missed class please see the presentation Alebrijes so that you can get caught up. Students created four sketches of their Alebrijes animal in class:

  • Top view 
  • Side view 
  • Front view
  • Circuit view
Students will be using one or two LED's in their project. This leads to different types of artistic and engineering problems! 

Monday, September 9, 2019

Elements and Principles of Design

In both grades we have been learning about the elements and principles of design and how these are used to create and intelligently talk about art.

In 8th Grade we have been discussing a large art project that they will be creating called the Extended Learning Project or ELP for short. The students have made blogs, and will be updating them with their first posts during the week of September 23rd.

Students are to have all of their supplies in class so that they can start creating their projects on Wednesday September 25th.